Integrated Sales Rep


Let’s talk about the issues that keep you awake at night

What keeps you up at night? It’s not the details in your team’s sales script! Are your sales reps hitting their numbers consistently to assure company stability and growth?

Are your reps willing (and able) to cold call, consultative sell, and defend their territory? Are they clear about the sales cycle – and what they should be doing with every account, at any given time?

Let’s look at a CLEAR and SIMPLE way to think about the sales cycle

Over the decades, veteran straight-commission sales rep Todd Priestley has crystalized a new way to think about the sales cycle, with a clear understanding of the focused skills and activities required at each stage.

Todd realized that, as a sales rep, we’re always doing one of three things:

  • Offensive Selling – The goal is to become a vendor to as many accounts as possible.
  • Consultative Selling – The goal is to become a sustaining resource (the account views you as a necessary part of their organization).
  • Defensive Selling – The goal is to push away the attack and retain the account.

An Integrated Sales Rep can (and should) do all three – offensive selling (including cold calling), consultative selling, and defensive selling – with every account, at the appropriate stage of the sales cycle.

Let’s hold a REAL discussion with your sales team

  • Let’s clarify the sales cycle.
  • Let’s simplify things for the entire sales team: managers and reps.
  • Let’s have frank, open, and honest discussions about individual strengths and weaknesses, when it comes to selling.
  • Let’s talk about the REAL issues: Manager, what keeps you up at night? Reps, what keeps you up at night?

Why introduce The Integrated Sales Rep to your team?

  • Train your sales team using clear, simple system that (1) improves their strengths and weaknesses, (2) offers an easy, consistent approach for the entire team, despite their various training and abilities; and (3) immediately reaps results, with sales reps consistently hitting quota.
  • Implement an easy sales system that complements your sales philosophy or management approach – and empowers Sales Managers to hold high-level, strategic discussions with reps, without getting caught in the weeds.
  • Embrace a back-to-basics sales system, based on the fundamentals, not fads – a proven system that works!


A sales training program that meets YOUR needs

Many sales teams bring in Todd for a ½-day workshop, and prefer this format:

  1. 50-minute presentation on the Integrated Sales System
  2. 1-hour roll-up-the-sleeves session with entire sales team
  3. 1-hour consulting session with the Sales Manager and/or Sales Director
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