In Sales, Complacency’s A Killer

An old friend of mine lives in the Toronto area, and he and his family purchased their dream home about ten years ago. But the way that it happened could’ve come straight out of a reality show, and it also provides us with a fine example of the costs to a sales rep that complacency can bring in its train.

Ash, my long-time college friend, arranged a meeting with his realtor to place a down payment on a home, and to write the contract. He and his wife invited their best friends to come along, and Ash carried a $10,000 certified check in his pocket. But when they arrived the realtor wasn’t there. Ash called him on his cell, and immediately realized that he was on the golf course. He had casually forgotten the appointment and had hit the links instead. He promised to hustle on over and would arrive in about forty-five minutes or so.

Ash and his crew were none too pleased, but what could they do? They decided to kill some time, and hopped in the car and drove over to the next town to look around. Well, lo and behold, they saw an open house and decided to go on in and take a peek. And, as you probably guessed, within fifteen minutes they realized that this was the perfect house. Much better layout, closer to Toronto, and $50,000 less than the one that was being sold by ‘Arnold Palmer’. Ash blew the realtor’s mind by informing him that he had $10,000 and wanted to write up a contract, right then and there. And they’ve loved that home ever since.

‘Arnie’ called Ash a few times over the next two days, but he had already played a round of golf that literally cost him thousands of dollars. But it was the complacency that had actually done the damage. I’ve done that type of thing before. Assume that you can show up next week. Or, like an old manager of mine did, drive around a business that you need to call on, and make up one excuse after another and then drive away. Only to come back a month later and realize that your main competitor just picked up all the business. Complacency takes a lot of forms and faces, but one thing’s consistent- it’s a killer.

May 27th, 2015|News|