A full-time, 100% straight-commission sales rep, Todd Priestley faced his fears, gained clarity about the sales cycle, and brought it all together into a clear, simple process he calls The Integrated Sales Rep™.

Highlights of Todd’s sales experience include:

  • Over 23 years of experience as a straight-commission professional sales rep for Kimball Midwest
  • Top 4% of sales reps in the company that is unquestioned leader in MRO sales, boasting double-digit revenue growth, even during the recession
  • Multiple sales awards including The Century Club, The Inner Circle, The $500K Club, and Top 10 Salesperson
  • One of only a handful of 700 sales reps who sell at the company’s highest-level commission rate
  • Opened 256 new accounts in his first year of selling and says, “That’s how you overcome your fear of success.”