Sales Training

Find out about a sales program that can meet your needs.

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Meeting Planners

Find media and documents you need to plan your event.

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Find out about what you can do to make your sales team more effective.

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What do others have to say about Todd Priestly? Find out here.

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A sales training program that meets YOUR needs

Many sales teams bring in Todd for a 1/2-day workshop, and prefer this format

  • 50-minute presentation on the Integrated Sales System
  • 1-hour roll-up-the-sleeves session with entire sales team
  • 1-hour consulting session with the Sales Manager
    and/or Sales Director
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Lets talk about the issues that keep you awake at night

What keeps you up at night? It’s not the details in your team’s sales script! Are your sales reps hitting their numbers consistently to assure company stability and growth? Are your reps willing (and able) to cold call, sell cunsultatively, and defend their territory? Are they clear about the sales cycle – and what they should be doing with every account, at any given time?

For a look at a CLEAR & SIMPLE way to think about the sales cyle

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